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You never know what happens when you stop to help strangers. I saw some cars pulled in at the Tom Dooley grave entrance and stopped to see if that is what they were looking for since it since it is not marked. I was on my way to have some photos copies in N. Wilkesboro, one being off Dr. George Nicholas Carter. Long story short….they were musicians. One had played with the Kingston Trio for 41 years and another had played with them for 25 years. They were from San Francisco, Las Vegas, Palm Springs and also Boone. They wanted to play the Tom Dooley song around the grave and wanted also to see Dr. Carter’s photo. I told them about the Tom Dooley festival that we were going to hold in Sept. 2021 and they volunteered to come back and perform. The one who had played with the Kingston Trio for 41 years said that he is friends with Jen Kruger and would ask him to join them at this festival.

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